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The mission of Nine Lives Gear Repair is to prolong the life of your favorite gear and prevent all gear from an untimely demise in the landfill. In the interest of reuse we strive to minimize unnecessary material inputs by utilizing up-cycled and most common colorways/materials. Repairs will always maintain the item’s original functionality and we will always strive to match repairs as closely as possible to the original. Please indicate your repair preferences below. 

  • Quick and Dirty Option. We will restore functionality to your gear at the cheapest possible rate. This may include non-exact color matches, slightly different materials, etc. 
  • I would prefer my repair be as close to the original as possible. I understand that pricing will reflect the higher end of the range given on the menu. 

Make it weird. If applicable and available, we can add unique options from our stock of rescued materials. 

  • I want it weird.
  • I don’t want it weird. 

Repairs are typically finished in a week from the drop-off day. Should you need the item on a specific date, please indicate below; a rush charge may be applied. We will email when your repair is ready for pickup. 

  • Standard turnaround time is fine (We will contact you if a repair is expected to take longer than one week.)
  • I need the repair completed by (MM/DD/YY): __________. I understand a rush charge may apply (We will contact you to confirm if expediting is possible and, if so, to discuss updating your quote.)

*Nine Lives Gear Repair does not express or imply any warranty on repairs. Repair work may void the manufacturer’s warranty.*


*A $20 cleaning fee will be applied to items deemed too dirty to repair in its current state*


Do you have a piece of gear that’s too beat up for Ragged to consign? Ask about repairing to consign or donating to the gear repair program for recycling!