The Team

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Aisha Weinhold

How long have you been in the Roaring Fork Valley? Lifer.

What are your favorite outdoor disciplines? Skiing, mountain climbing, running, fishing, boating, tanning, and yoga.

Tell us a story about epicing in the mountains. My first date with Steve Denny, we went on a 10 day climbing trip in the Wind River Range, WY. We got rained out and spent 3 days in a tent. Then we got married. Epic!

Favorite Book: “Climbing Free” – Lynn Hill

What is your favorite RMS score? A husband.

Favorite Joke: “What did the mama buffalo say when she dropped her son off at school?” “Bye-son!”

Steve Denny

What are your favorite outdoor disciplines?  Skiing fast, riding far, floating on rivers far and wide, and a little bit of mountain running

Where did you go to school?  Colorado Mountain College aka CMC aka See Me Ski

What is your favorite RMS score? Today?

What is your dream job? Slangin’ gear in Carbondale, CO

Strangest place you’ve woken up?  On a portaledge in the Black Canyon

 Favorite Snack: Bacon, salami, cheese

 Inspirations: Honnold, Croft, HK, Chouinard, AW, Jornet, Steck

  Motto: Look good, Have fun, Be safe

Tyler Vaughan

How long have you been at Ragged Mountain Sports? Been here since day 1, sitting on the couch until they gave me a job.

Where did you go to school? CMC for Outdoor Education; Mesa University for Elementary Ed.

Fears? Aaron Rolstening myself.

Favorite Place: Colorado Plateau

Favorite Snack: Crackers, Salmon, Bree, and and some Chocolate. Oui Oui Mon Ami!!

What is your dream vacation? Riding Bikes Around the World

Inspirations: Rickey Gates, Jeff Jackson, HK, Tri Nerds

What are your favorite outdoor disciplines? Skiing, Biking, Packrafting


Elissa Rodman

When is your birthday? September 16, 1987

Do you have any pets? Two. Banksy, a Maine Coon cat, and Charlie (the shop dog).

Motto: It’s a magical world, Hobbes. Let’s go exploring.

Best invention ever: Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer

Favorite Movie: Aspen Extreme.

Favorite Book: The River Why by David James Duncan

Tell us a Joke: How do you find Will Smith in a snow storm?
A: Look for the fresh prints.

Longest without a shower? Probably around a month and a half.

Fears? Snakes. Definitely snakes.

Strangest place you’ve woken up? On the floor of a hostel in downtown Dublin, spooning my backpack, and without shoes.

What is your dream vacation?  Really, just having a couple of good friends, a few months, a van, all the fun gear, and a loose plan.



Jenny Hamilton

Jenny is slanging froyo and running rivers in Aspen, CO.

How long have you been in the Roaring Fork Valley?  I moved here back in 1904 with the gold hustlas.

Where did you go to school?  Middlebury College, Middlebury, VT

What are your favorite outdoor disciplines?  Anything in the mountains and rivers

Do you have any pets?  The little orange kitty that’s made himself at home in the shop!

What is your dream vacation?  Willy Wonka’s Ketchup Factory

Favorite Authors: Bill McKibben and David James Duncan

Mitch Colby

Mitch is going to college! We are so proud.

Do you have any pets? Golden Retriever named Sam but he lives in Canada

What are your favorite outdoor disciplines? Rock Climbing, Skiing, Open Water Swimming, Bocce Ball, Hiking

What is your favorite RMS score? A #5 Wild Country Friend and a backyard badminton set

Claim to Fame: Top 16 at a National Swim meet, skiing highlands bowl naked

Motto: one day at a time

Best invention ever: Lightsabre

What is your dream vacation? Climbing trip to Squamish, B.C.

Strangest place you’ve woken up? Inside a drywall

Quote to live by: For The Boys

Inspirations: Mostly Local Climbers, and classic ascents of big peaks

Drew Huemmler

Drew is stitching bitching bike bags for Defiant Pack.

Where were you born? Philadelphia PA

What are your favorite outdoor disciplines? Mountain Biking, Splitboarding, Hammocking.

Any tattoos or piercings? Just scars.

Where did you go to school? Colorado College ‘15

Claim to Fame: Broken my collarbone x3

Motto: Winterfest isn’t a weekend, it’s a way of life.

Vices: Tasty Treats

Ambition: Be faster than the slow guys.

Best invention ever: Spell Check

Three things I always pack: Headlamp, nail clippers, tasty treats.

Quote to live by: Only break one law at a time. Everything in moderation, including moderation.

Blonde or Brunette? Just so long as I don’t have to teach you how to snowboard.



Stephen Dilk

We're pretty sure Dilk is a lawyer now.

What are your favorite outdoor disciplines?  Climbing, skiing, sailing, lawn darting, gardening, stooping

How long have you been in the Roaring Fork Valley?  9 solid months

Longest without sleep?  An unrighteous 30 hours

Three things I always pack:  Moxie, an open mind, a knife

Quote to live by:  “You gotta play this game rough: in out, get grab-bung!”

Favorite Book:  Calvin and Hobbes: The Days are Just Packed

What is your dream vacation?  I would go to space as the Payload Specialist on a shuttle mission (or on any space mission in general)

Derek Franz

Derek is kicking ass as an editor for our favorite publication, Alpinist Mag.

Where were you born? Longmont, Colo., Blizzard of ‘82

Tell us a story about epicing in the mountains. My first lead fall was a 40-footer on the Diamond of Longs Peak with my dad when I was 15. Then we had to bail in bad weather with one 50-meter rope.

Ambition: Yes.

Favorite Movie: Top Gun

Tell us a joke!: A boulderer, sport climber and trad climber share a motel room after a blurry evening at the bar. The boulderer immediately claims the only bed, because he can’t imagine life without a cushy place to crash. The trad climber is fine on the floor because beds are for sissies, but the sport climber wasn’t impressed. She slept soundly in a chair because she was used to enduring the long flight to Spain at least twice a year. (Do I get funny points for making this up just now?)

 Quote to live by: “Not all who wander are lost.”

Luke Lubchenco

Luke is the manager and head telemark master at Alta ski area.  

What are your favorite outdoor disciplines?  Deep Breath…. skiing, biking, kayaking, unicycling, kiting, fly-fishing, camping, hiking, drinking, frisbee-ing, watching lightning, or any combination of the above.

Where did you go to school? Fort Lewis College because at least it Feels Like College

What is your dream vacation?  It would involve a trip to Chilean Patagonia. I’d fly in and take buses all the way down until I could start walking. Then walk and camp with no predetermined travel plans.

Quote to live by: If I think you should be here, you should be here!

Favorite Snack: Chips and Humus followed by Oreos!

Favorite Place: Try as I might to escape it, the Roaring Fork Valley has too much cool stuff for me. Friends, mountains, fun. All you need!

Emi Bauer

Riding her bike all the way to college and back.

How long have you been in the Roaring Fork Valley? 11 years

What are your favorite outdoor disciplines? Biking, skiing, climbing.

Where do you go to school? Colorado Rocky Mountain School.

Motto: “sorry”

Vices: Dos Mashed Potato Burrito

Favorite Brand: Patagonia (cause a jar of nutella fits in the pockets perfectly!)

Describe your morning routine: Wake up eat breakfast, go back to bed. Get up again brush my teeth and head outside. Then back inside for a second breakfast (hobbit style).

Longest without a shower? 11 days

Longest without sleep? 3 days

Three things I always pack: Extra socks, Nalgene, Hat.

Quote to live by: “Life is a freakin bike race”.- Jerbear

John Perkins

Hugging pugs in Portland, OR.

What are your favorite outdoor disciplines?  Telemark skiing, broomball, urban bobsledding, climbing, alpine swimming

Where did you go to school?  Colby College, Waterville, ME

Vices: Bike building, thrift shops, used gear, cold water

Favorite Place: A log cabin on the shores of an alpine lake

Favorite Song: Thrift Shop by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Quote to live by: “No regrets.  That’s my motto.  That and everybody Wang Chung tonight.” -Out Cold


Hayden Kennedy

On another amazing adventure w/ Inge.

What are your favorite outdoor disciplines?  Snow-slogging with a heavy pack, sunny rock climbing (preferably with girls), powder skiing, and kayaking

Longest without a shower?  I have gone a full 6 weeks without a shower.  Anytime you wake up from your own smell it’s been too long…

Inspirations:  Black Sabbath, Clapton, Flea, Croft, Mike Fowler, Rolo Garibotti, Doug Scott, MK, Pennings, just to name a few

Fears:  Avalanches, waking up without coffee, having to wear a Bluetooth earpiece for an entire year

A story of epicing in the mountains: Most epics in the mountains are pretty much the same; get cold, wet, hungry, thirsty, scared and then spoon with another man

Best invention ever: Uhh, does music count as an invention?